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Pro Fighting MMA 7

31 Jul


Pro Fighting MMA and The Luxy Taipei put on a 10 fight card on Sunday.  It was thrilling to photograph these athletes performing at such a high level of excellence. I have nothing but respect for these guys… they are savages! Here are a couple shots from the night.

 PRO Fighting MMA 7 Full Results
Florian Garel vs Rocky Liu – Florian Wins via Anaconda Choke 1st Round
Frogman vs Stone Shih – Frogman Wins via RNC 1st Round
Sunil Raj vs YuJen Jeff-Machine Huang – Jeff Huang Wins via KO 1st Round
Seok Mo Kim vs Isamu Himura – Seok Mo Kim Wins via TKO 1st Round
Jung Won Lee vs Daniel Gray – Jung Won Lee Wins via Armbar 1st Round
Hagan Cooper vs Cheng Ming Quay – Cheng Ming Quay Wins via KO 1st Round
Dae Myung Kim vs Will “The Kill” Chope – Will Chope Wins via Unanimous Decision 3 Rounds
Hanz Olsen vs DongXing Wu – DongXing Wu Wins via KO 1st Round
Jj Ambrose vs Dong Sun Choi – JJ Super Man Ambrose Wins via 2nd Round KO
Nick Leconte vs Brad Terrey – Nick Leconte Wins via TKO 1st Round


Website 2.0

11 Jul


Check it out here or click on the pictures!

If your copywrite on your website is from 2010… it’s time to update your website. 

If your contact information still has your pager number… it’s time to update your website.

If you are still using *insert old program/host/server here*… it’s time to update your website.

If the sight of your homepage makes you cringe… it’s time to update your website.

If you can’t remember the url… it’s time to update your website.

If you are like me and need a creative kick start every once in a while… it’s time to update your website.

So, that’s what I did. I hope you enjoy the site, it is long over due.

Karate Chop!

9 Jul

禪道會空手道 台灣支部(台中)Karate Belt Test at Zendokai Taiwan

What is Easter? Wise words from Taiwanese 9 year olds.

10 Apr

Easter is a holiday. You can find many eggs! They celebrate about eggs. Because those egg is yummy and you can find bunnys too. and they are all yummy. And one day the God go to the beach and see a lot of colorful eggs and bunnys, so the God eat them and say “this is so yummy.” and when he saw a die bunny eat the egg the bunny be alive!             – Bruce

People have Easter because this man is very good and his name is “Jases”. Jases is very believe his God is is father, Jases is very good, he always go to the church but someone is don’t like he, someone feel he say things is not ture, but is too much an an lady don’t like Jases, so he is die on the cross, but else country knows the Jases much man like the Jases, so Easter is Jases day.           -Johnny

Color eggs, go to the church the American think Jesus can back to life. I think that is inpossable, people die can’t back to life. If you can, any one was not sad when people die. so i think that is very strange.            – Cindy

Draw eggs, hide eggs. They put Jesus on a big cross. The rabbits and bunny make some candys, gave to kids, children, students even babys. The well hide eggs they put candys, toys, and somethings inside the eggs and put them everywere.         – Amy

Easter is America holiday. Maybe they thank for Jeses. Juses do a lot of thing for they, maybe! But I don’t know Juses do what for me. Everybody say Juses die, he die for us. But we don’t do something. Why he need to die. Jeses is God, son. Some people think he is smarter them they. So that people want to die. I think people need thank for everything!           – Annie

What is Easter? The people die and sometime the people come back the life.         – Big John

A walk through Zhongxing

6 Apr

Asian Kids on Rock: Bob Dylan

14 Mar

“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”

When I see this song word. I think when you don’t have weatherman, we don’t know when the Taiwen rainy, windy, show, sunny, when a day I go to school, have rainy. I didn’t bring umbellam, and you need on foot to home, and you don’t know how to do, we dont have weather man, live in the river people how to do, so the weather man is importion to people.

                    – Fenny

It means: You don’t need a person to tell you the way of your life. Just do the things you want to do (of course it must to be good things). The life story will happened by itself. That’s what I understand.

                 – Meg

I think is you can not know the weather is today, just be happy and being this day, Because if you know the weather today, you will think I can’t go anywhere to doing myself, you will nerves about the weather and if you everyday care about the weather you will not happy at everyday.


I think not know is ok, because it doesn’t matter. Is same. wind is wind. it doesn’t matter weather way did wind blow. but when you’re work is fishing, is important. Are you want to go fishing? that will make the waves big or small. When is big maby will make you die.

                  – Bruce

You don’t need somebody to tell you what you should do, just do it through your mind. You must not let someone to control you, you need to be your own.

            – Vic

ps.” you don’t credit card to ride this train.”

The Secret-ish Spot : Taiwan Beach Camping

5 Mar

Taking advantage of a long weekend, we packed up the dogs and headed down to the south of Taiwan for some beaching camping and sunshine. The weather was perfect, the beer was cold and believe it or not we had the whole beach to ourselves!

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