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The Shoes of the Fisherman’s Wife are Some Jive Ass Slippers

9 Apr

If you ever find yourself in the South Korean city of Busan, I highly recommend checking out the Jagalchi Fish Market. It’s a gigantic fish market where one could easily get lost exploring the stands of bazar seafood. We found ourselves down a little side street lined with women cleaning and selling various kinds of fish and squid. After pulling up a stool and grabbing a beer we sat back and marveled at these Korean “Agimas”.  Unlike most women in Korea they don’t mind hawking loogies and smoking cigarettes.  They are there to sell fish and not to mess around with pleasantries.  They curse, pick their noses and spend their long days haggling over “sea penis” and urchins.  After spending nearly a year in Korea they are still the most interesting people I came across.


The Secret-ish Spot : Taiwan Beach Camping

5 Mar

Taking advantage of a long weekend, we packed up the dogs and headed down to the south of Taiwan for some beaching camping and sunshine. The weather was perfect, the beer was cold and believe it or not we had the whole beach to ourselves!

Little Cynda

28 Feb

For a the past 6 months there has been a bit of baby fever flare up in our home, so when our friends Wade and Theresa brought home little Cynda we were ecstatic to get over there and get our baby fix.  Here are a few from our lovely, rainy morning with Cynda.

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