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Engrish, you so funny!

1 Sep

This week’s ESL free writing time prompt was so amazing that it has now prompted me to write this inspirational post for anyone who is considering taking on the daunting voyage of learning the infinitely wacky English Language…

Given 10 minutes and the prompt of:

Birdie Birdie, in the sky

Why did you do that in my eye

I’m not mad and I won’t cry

I’m just glad that cows don’t fly

In only one year of studying English, you’d be able to write something like this in less than 10 minutes…

The brdy pupu in the eyes but boy not happy is

Headed toward your third year you really begin to improve in length…

If cow fly in the sky, maby it will eat bird food, if cow eat all of bird’s food, bird and cow will die, and if cow die we don’t have milk and if bird die we don’t have egg, that will be very very very very crazy. 

Going strong into your fourth year you begin to use less but much stronger vocabulary…

The birds can fly in the sky.

    {who write this pome}

the person     will not be angry or and sad,

the person just happy the cow can’t fly. 


We can’t be a critic. 

However, if you are willing to put in the seriously HARD work in less than six years you could easily be on your way to a future career in the American Legal System…

It tell you the world hasn’t change any thing. Anything has that thing it might need to use it. You can’t be angry or cry, because that can’t change anything. Everything can’t do the samething. bird can fly. cow can’t fly. cow can eat grass, but bird can’t eat grass. Everything do anything is special. and it might be important. 

Kids are rad

1 Jun

Eyes and Ears on English

22 Mar

I had a great time working with Michale T Lane and his crew on this creative pilot. Check out the first episode of Eyes and Ears On English, a comedic television program educating 2nd language learners in the finer points of American street slang and modern vernacular. An off-color mix of Sesame Street, the Daily Show and South Park, Eyes and Ears pushes students out of their safe-haven classrooms and into the world of English as it is actually spoken today.

Shred Gnar Gnar

14 Dec

Courtesy of The Keegan Gibbs Blog

Courtesy of The Keegan Gibbs Blog

If you haven’t already, head over to The Keegan Gibbs blog and get your drool on. This surf culture photography at it’s very finest, guaranteed to get you all wet and sandy.

Ooo Lalaanta

10 Dec

We are middle of the road travelers. By that I mean that our days of “shoestring backpacking” are on hold; indefinitely. However, we do travel enough to know just how expensive it can be. So, we shoot for the middle and know a great deal when we find one. Well, we’ve found one and here it is…

Arriving at “our paradise” is not particularly an easy task but that’s what makes it all worth it.  Just below Krabi, Thailand sits the small island of Koh Lanta. At the end of this island, down a bumpy dirt road, just before the National Park lies Lalaanta Hideway Resort. It’s secluded, lush, and intensely chill.

It doesn’t really matter that you’re in the middle of nowhere, when there is nowhere else you’d rather be.

Let me walk you through a typical day at Lalaanta…

Roll out of your sleek, simple, yet sexy bungalow whenever the previous night’s activities have been rested away.  Walk a minute from your front patio to the pristine beach, pause briefly to note that you are the only one currently standing in this secluded cove.

Submerse yourself in the temperate turquoise water for a morning swim.  Upon exiting the water, notice that beyond the beach there isn’t a single concrete building, only green jungle.

Pass the gorgeous birds of paradise and elephant ears larger than a third grader up to the restaurant for breakfast; shirt and shoes optional.  Use the free Wi-Fi to update your facebook status to something along the lines of “having a delicious breakfast; which almost never happens in Asia, while enjoying a serene sea view; which almost never happens anywhere…wish you were here suckers”.











Take your book and a fresh fruit smoothie down to the beach hammocks for an intense mid-morning chillout. Sometime before the rays of the Thai sun put a burn on, have a dip in the infinite pool staring straight into the sea.

After lunch is an ideal time to have a full body massage on the beach or go for a monkey scouting hike through the National Park. The guest/staff volleyball or soccer game begins in the last  hours of daylight which should leave just enough time to shower to up before a cocktail while watching the sun set slowly over the water.

When the majestic bewitching hour has passed, curl your toes in the sand and ponder over the dinner menu choices; as they are all absolutely delicious. An after dinner drink on the beach lounge chairs compliments the starry sky melting into the vast deep blue. A night cap with Tony, or one of the other authentically wonderful owners, of Lalaanta is not to be missed. Pull up a stool, swap some stories, listen to some tunes, and let island time do its thing.  Rinse, wash, and repeat until check-out.

Holy Cow!

6 Dec

We absolutely love this shot from Kyle Merriman at Brand Knew Me. Visit his blog for some inspired imagery from around the world, he kills it.

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