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Zoe’s Lion

17 Feb

Oasis Yoga, Lion Pose SIMHAGARJANASNA – Roaring Lion
“Especially good for children, this is an excellent asana for the throat, nose, ears, eyes and mouth, especially if performed facing the healing rays of the early morning sun. It relieves frustration and releases emotional tension. Tension is removed from the chest and diaphragm. Roaring Lion is useful for people who stutter or nervous. It develops a strong and beautiful voice.”

Oasis Yoga for kids!

14 Feb

This week Oasis Yoga has been in the classroom introducing the little guys to a yoga practice. We went on a jungle safari and learned how fun it can be when we move our bodies!

Oasis Yoga- York 1







Oasis Yoga Koh Lanta, Thailand

10 Feb

As many of our friends and family already know, we are packing it up and moving down south!  Our dream as always been to own a little place on the beach….how original, I know. After years of planning, saving, dreaming, searching and traveling we finally settled on our favorite little island in Thailand.  “The Universe Provides” seemed to be the theme of our trip to Koh Lanta and provide it did!  After one serendipitous event after the next we couldn’t ignore opportunity literally placed before us.   We took the jump and are opening for Yoga classes April 1, 2013. With plans for a detox bar, photography gallery and beautiful garden renovation we will have plenty to keep us busy! Here are the sketches for the new website, thanks for all the love and support! We have a yoga mat waiting for you, beach side!

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