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What is Easter? Wise words from Taiwanese 9 year olds.

10 Apr

Easter is a holiday. You can find many eggs! They celebrate about eggs. Because those egg is yummy and you can find bunnys too. and they are all yummy. And one day the God go to the beach and see a lot of colorful eggs and bunnys, so the God eat them and say “this is so yummy.” and when he saw a die bunny eat the egg the bunny be alive!             – Bruce

People have Easter because this man is very good and his name is “Jases”. Jases is very believe his God is is father, Jases is very good, he always go to the church but someone is don’t like he, someone feel he say things is not ture, but is too much an an lady don’t like Jases, so he is die on the cross, but else country knows the Jases much man like the Jases, so Easter is Jases day.           -Johnny

Color eggs, go to the church the American think Jesus can back to life. I think that is inpossable, people die can’t back to life. If you can, any one was not sad when people die. so i think that is very strange.            – Cindy

Draw eggs, hide eggs. They put Jesus on a big cross. The rabbits and bunny make some candys, gave to kids, children, students even babys. The well hide eggs they put candys, toys, and somethings inside the eggs and put them everywere.         – Amy

Easter is America holiday. Maybe they thank for Jeses. Juses do a lot of thing for they, maybe! But I don’t know Juses do what for me. Everybody say Juses die, he die for us. But we don’t do something. Why he need to die. Jeses is God, son. Some people think he is smarter them they. So that people want to die. I think people need thank for everything!           – Annie

What is Easter? The people die and sometime the people come back the life.         – Big John


The Shoes of the Fisherman’s Wife are Some Jive Ass Slippers

9 Apr

If you ever find yourself in the South Korean city of Busan, I highly recommend checking out the Jagalchi Fish Market. It’s a gigantic fish market where one could easily get lost exploring the stands of bazar seafood. We found ourselves down a little side street lined with women cleaning and selling various kinds of fish and squid. After pulling up a stool and grabbing a beer we sat back and marveled at these Korean “Agimas”.  Unlike most women in Korea they don’t mind hawking loogies and smoking cigarettes.  They are there to sell fish and not to mess around with pleasantries.  They curse, pick their noses and spend their long days haggling over “sea penis” and urchins.  After spending nearly a year in Korea they are still the most interesting people I came across.

A walk through Zhongxing

6 Apr

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