Asian Kids on Rock: Bob Dylan

14 Mar

“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”

When I see this song word. I think when you don’t have weatherman, we don’t know when the Taiwen rainy, windy, show, sunny, when a day I go to school, have rainy. I didn’t bring umbellam, and you need on foot to home, and you don’t know how to do, we dont have weather man, live in the river people how to do, so the weather man is importion to people.

                    – Fenny

It means: You don’t need a person to tell you the way of your life. Just do the things you want to do (of course it must to be good things). The life story will happened by itself. That’s what I understand.

                 – Meg

I think is you can not know the weather is today, just be happy and being this day, Because if you know the weather today, you will think I can’t go anywhere to doing myself, you will nerves about the weather and if you everyday care about the weather you will not happy at everyday.


I think not know is ok, because it doesn’t matter. Is same. wind is wind. it doesn’t matter weather way did wind blow. but when you’re work is fishing, is important. Are you want to go fishing? that will make the waves big or small. When is big maby will make you die.

                  – Bruce

You don’t need somebody to tell you what you should do, just do it through your mind. You must not let someone to control you, you need to be your own.

            – Vic

ps.” you don’t credit card to ride this train.”


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