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Engrish, you so funny!

1 Sep

This week’s ESL free writing time prompt was so amazing that it has now prompted me to write this inspirational post for anyone who is considering taking on the daunting voyage of learning the infinitely wacky English Language…

Given 10 minutes and the prompt of:

Birdie Birdie, in the sky

Why did you do that in my eye

I’m not mad and I won’t cry

I’m just glad that cows don’t fly

In only one year of studying English, you’d be able to write something like this in less than 10 minutes…

The brdy pupu in the eyes but boy not happy is

Headed toward your third year you really begin to improve in length…

If cow fly in the sky, maby it will eat bird food, if cow eat all of bird’s food, bird and cow will die, and if cow die we don’t have milk and if bird die we don’t have egg, that will be very very very very crazy. 

Going strong into your fourth year you begin to use less but much stronger vocabulary…

The birds can fly in the sky.

    {who write this pome}

the person     will not be angry or and sad,

the person just happy the cow can’t fly. 


We can’t be a critic. 

However, if you are willing to put in the seriously HARD work in less than six years you could easily be on your way to a future career in the American Legal System…

It tell you the world hasn’t change any thing. Anything has that thing it might need to use it. You can’t be angry or cry, because that can’t change anything. Everything can’t do the samething. bird can fly. cow can’t fly. cow can eat grass, but bird can’t eat grass. Everything do anything is special. and it might be important. 

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