The Great Escape

8 Nov

Well done, you’ve made it to The Great Escape now all you need to do is subscribe for free, sit back and let the images and observations come to you.  By now you’ve seen the photographs at Kate Harmon Photography but this blog will bring you much much more. Here you can see the images that won’t go on the site and hear the stories behind them.  We’ll post the interesting, the quirky, the touching and the downright odd observations and accounts of what we hear, see, and learn living and working abroad. Don’t miss out on our short weekly postings of “Engrish 101” hilarious quotes and writings from our students. Teaching English is usually fun but it is always funny! Also we will be recapping our recent travels through South East Asia including travel advice and suggestions, behind the photo stories and the humor that inevitably comes when you step out of the comfort zone, let your feet follow your heart down an unknown road and make your Great Escape.


2 Responses to “The Great Escape”

  1. Anandi November 10, 2010 at 2:45 pm #

    Hey Kate and Farra,

    Well done you guys. Are you done with ‘Wan then for good?

    Good luck on the travels, glad you liked Cambodia. If you’re going to be in Vietnam and you guys want to check out a small town outside of Ho Chi Minh City let me know. We’ve got a big apartment with a spare room and we’re on a nice river. Not much to do though other than sip coffee along side it.


    Best of luck, travel safe.

    • We are still living in Taiwan and probably will be here for a couple more years. We just wrapped up a month traveling through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The blog is just to get some work out there and keep the photography website updated. Hope you are well and enjoying the south of Vietnam. We were only able to spend a week or so in the north, but absolutely loved it. More pictures of that to follow!
      Thanks for checking us out, you’ll have to become a fan 🙂
      Be well!

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